Mile High Club

The Mile High Club is the Denver Roller Dolls’ all-star traveling team. Comprising the best skaters in the league, MHC represents the Dolls on the national level. The Mile High Club has been consistently ranked among the top ten teams in the world since the team took flight in 2006.

MHC is known for its “demoralizing defense” and inventive strategical play, as well as for its world class talent. Team standouts Tracy “Disco” Akers and Heather Juska both played for Team USA in the first annual Roller Derby World Cup held in Toronto in 2011. In 2012 the Mile High Club placed third in the WFTDA Championship tournament in Atlanta.

So put your seats in the upright and locked position because the Mile High Club is ready to take off!

If you would like to help the Mile High Club fly high please consider a financial contribution. Every member of MHC pays their own way to tournaments and interleague play. You can be an essential part of the victory!

Introducing, the Mile High Club skaters:

And their Coaches: