Register to Become a Glitterdome Gladiator!

We will be holding open registration for the Jr Derby. Come and check it out if you are interested. It will be held on July 12th at 10am. On July 12th, skaters will be explaining the program, fees and handing out registration packets. Please bring a copy of the skaters birth certificate. Also you will need to bring skates, pads and a mouth guard. We do have some used pads available to borrow. We will assess your kids skating level and they will be practicing. There will be a bout  held at the Glitterdome on July 5th, time TBD.

Hope every one can come and join us.

If you have and question please feel free to contact us at

The Glitterdome Gladiators are a co-ed junior flat-track roller derby program run by the Denver Roller Dolls.   It is open to all youth age 6 – 17. These young skaters are the future of DRD and of roller derby worldwide.  Our league is proud to help develop the next generation of roller derby athletes!

The Glitterdome Gladiators encourage and enrich young skaters by developing character, confidence, leadership, and social skills.  The program also develops the athletic skills of its participants through fine tuning athletic abilities and/or discovering latent skills.

Age Groups & Requirements

  •   All skaters shall be 6 years or older on or before the start of his/her participation.
  •   All skaters shall be 17 or younger at the start of the season.
  •   Skaters are divided into two age groups: 6-12 and 13-17.

Practice & Scrimmage Information

  • Practices are held at the Glitterdome (3600 Wynkoop St  Unit A3 Denver, Co 80216) every Saturday during the season.
  • The first session, for level 1 skaters, is from 9:00-10am. Access to the practice space will begin at 8:30 am on practice days and parents are expected to pick up their children no later than 30 minutes after their session ends.
  • The second session, for level 2 & 3 skaters, goes from 10:00-12:00pm. Skaters may be dropped off after 9:30 am and parents are expected to pick up their children no later than 12:30 pm.
  • A once per quarter scrimmage is typically held at the end of the season, either at The Glitterdome or another local league’s facility.

Registration Fee, Dues, and Insurance Coverage

  • Each skater is required to pay a $40 annual insurance fee, which can cover through the end of the calendar year once WFTDA waiver is completed and fee paid. Skaters are REQUIRED to have their own primary insurance.
  • Skaters Dues can be paid monthly or quarterly at a discounted rate. The cost for Littles is $20 per month. The cost for Middles and Seniors is $30 per month.
  • If a skater is offered the opportunity to scrimmage during a DRD bout or any other prospective events all spectators/parents may be charged admission to the event.
  • Checks for insurance and dues can all be made out to Denver Roller Dolls. Cash, check, and Venmo are the acceptable forms of payment at this time.

Skates & Safety Equipment

  • Skates will be available to use at the Glitterdome. These are old “brownies” and may not be desirable to skate on for an entire season or for bouts. Once skaters have become dedicated to the
    sport, participants are encouraged to purchase their own skates. The Denver Roller Dolls have deals with a number of local stores for discounted equipment. Please talk to a trainer for more information.
  • Required safety gear includes a helmet, mouth guard, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.
  • DRD junior league has safety gear (except mouth guards) to borrow at the Glitterdome.  Participants in the league need to own ALL required safety gear by the 4th week of participation.
  • Each participant must have his/her own mouth guard AT EVERY PRACTICE or they WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

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