There’s More to Us Than Meets the Eye

A passion for speed and service.  A craving for hard knocks and hard-core business.  A commitment to the community, our fans and each other.

We’re the Denver Roller Dolls, Denver’s premier roller derby league.  And we’re proud to be part of America’s fastest-growing female sport.

Founded by 20 intrepid skaters in December 2005, the Denver Roller Dolls have gained skaters and fans from throughout the Denver metro area.  The draw?  Extreme athleticism and full-on fun.  For us, roller derby is more than a hard-hitting sport.  It’s a place where women of all sizes, backgrounds and skill levels can compete in an intensely athletic and supportive atmosphere.  It’s a chance to connect with our community through service and volunteerism.  And it’s an opportunity to hone our business skills through a completely skater-owned and -operated non-profit organization.

When the Denver Roller Dolls aren’t honing their speed, balance and skating skills, putting on public appearances and fundraisers, or volunteering for Denver-based charities, we’re successful businesswomen, sisters, wives, mothers, moms, and friends.  What’s more, we’re part of a nationwide revival of one of the nation’s most unique and compelling sports.  Not bad for a bunch of dolls!