Boot Camp Registration


Denver Roller Dolls All Star Team, the Mile High Club, will be hosting a boot camp on October 4th and 5th at the Glitterdome!!! If you have ever wanted the chance to skate with the Mile High Club and members of Team USA now is your chance! We have an … [Read more...]

September 20th, 2014


We have an incredible night of derby planned for September 20th at the GLITTERDOME! The Glitterdome GLADIATORS are playing RMRG's PUNKS!! Also, The Gladiators are hosting a Silent Auction during all three games!!! In addition, DRD's C team, … [Read more...]

Midgerator : An off-skates journey with CrossFit DeCO


Watch out for CROSSFIT STACIE!!! The sport of roller derby is becoming increasingly more athletic. Even since playing with Denver’s Mile High Club for one and a half years, I’ve noticed a difference in athleticism from last year to this year. It … [Read more...]

MHC vs. Bridgetown Menace! August 30-31, 2014


Our ladies of the Mile High Club will face off against Portland, OR Men's team, Bridgetown Menace! Doors Open at 6 and the Action Begins at 7pm! Tickets are $13 for adults and $1 for kids! … [Read more...]